A Dedication and Open House took place at the Old South School located at 1181 Johnson Road Woodbridge, on June 2nd 2013.

The South School Restoration Committee, The Town, and the Amity and Woodbridge Historical Society invited the public to view the finished one room school house on the day of its official dedication. Opening ceremonies commenced at 12:00 noon, and the open house ran until 2:00 pm.

As a fully restored one-room schoolhouse, it will be utilized by Beecher Road School as an educational tool to teach local history, much the same way the teachers in Bethany use the old Center School. A teacher can take their class there to reenact a lesson or a whole day’s activities — and see how Woodbridge did the three R’s over one hundred years ago (that would be: Readin’,  Ritin’, and ‘Rithmatic, of course)!

The Old South School on Johnson Road had been under renovation for many years — the project to  renovate and restore to its former self began in the early years of the new millennium. Many volunteers and donations  helped us reach various milestones over the years:

  • June 2002 – school gets a new wood shingle roof!
  • Early 2003 – interior work commences
  • July/August 2003 – The original front porch which was removed in 1928 is rebuilt.
    The reconstruction is based on early photographs and the “shadowline” of the porch roof, still visible on the main block.
  • October 2008 – hand work by Rich Jeynes brought the exterior to near perfection

We have acquired some early desks, but still need many more!

To see how the old and new schoolhouse compare, visit Johnson Road on “What Was There” and use the slider to shift back and forth through time!


Old South School as it looked in the late 1800s.

Old South School as it looked in the late 1800s.