This years event is known simply as Tavern Night. The members of the Board of Directors of the Amity & Woodbridge Historical Society, all pitch in and turn the 1772 Thomas Darling House (owned by the Town, maintained by the Society) into an 18th century tavern for the evening. We have been doing this for over 10 years. The event came to be, in large part because certain keys factors came together all at once. We had a caretaker living in an attached apartment, who happened to be the head chef at the Maritime Center in Norwalk. That was also the year that New England Brewing Company came to Woodbridge. As soon as chef Darren Zaldo, and brewmaster Rob Leonard were on board with the idea, We knew we could pull it off. Folks from the Orange Historical Society participate as well, and Jim and Willow Sirch from Hamden join us with their array of flutes, fiddles, and Irish drum.

 We remove most of the early furniture from the downstairs rooms and bring in reproduction chairs and tables, which allows us to host about 55 people in the Fall. In Spring we can spill outside and serve around 70. One room is full of period appetizers and desserts, and our 18th century kitchen is laden with main course items, and guest get up and get what they would like throughout the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Darling (portrayed by Don and Dana Menzies) are on hand all evening to make sure their guests are comfortable and happy. So for 3 hours folks can immerse themselves in an 18th century atmosphere! Please check back for future dates of this wonderful event!