Our newsletters show what we have been doing to try and improve the historic items and locations of Woodbridge. The newsletters are available in print throughout the town and are mailed to our members.

March 2017 Newsletter Inside this newsletter is “Trees in Woodbridge”

November 2016 Newsletter Inside this newsletter is “Woodbridge Lore – 9  Skating Ponds in Woodbridge” 

The Last of the “Woodbridge Indians” and Indian Wood-Splint Baskets at the Thomas Darling House – Special Publication, November 2016

September 2016 Newsletterold_newsletters  Read about one of our signature quilts at the Darling House, the “Martha Ann Peck QuiltandElections… a piece of cake!

June 2016 Newsletter  Inside this newsletter: “Two Woodbridge Landmarks from Colonial Times” and the “Woodbridge Notable Trees Project”

March 2016 Newsletter  Inside this newsletter: “Morris Powell, Work Ethic and Baseball in Woodbridge and “The Life of Pye – Food in New England in the 18th Century

End of Year Newsletter 2015  Inside this newsletter: “A true Legend – Ephriam BaldwinandWoodbridge Indian Basketsand an update on our quilt collection

September 2015 Newsletter Inside this newsletter: “Cool Things in Our Collection”

Summer 2015 Newsletter Inside this newsletter: “Woodbridge Transformations and Confrontations” and  “A Visit with Benjamin Woodbridge’s Descendant” Also an introduction from AWHS’s new President

Cuff – Black Governor Of Woodbridge – 1840 A special report on black Governors in Woodbridge and Connecticut

Spring Newsletter 2014 (published: May 2014) Inside this newsletter: “Young Tom Darling at Yale and His Silver Punch Bowl”

Special Spring Newsletter 2011 (published: April 2011) Inside this newsletter:  “American Colonial Revival” The development of  local Historical Societies

May 2009 Newsletter Inside this newsletter: Old South School and Archiving at the Darling House

Newsletter Volume 10 (published: October 2008) An update on the Old South School and an introduction to Massaro Farm

Newsletter Volume 6 (published: July 2002) Inside this newsletter: “Society Receives Donation of Newton Portraits Painted in 1841 by New Haven Itinerant E. P. Barnes

Newsletter Volume 4 (published: November 2000) Inside this newsletter: Society Receives Largest Bequest In Decades” and “Two Properties Added to The National RegisterandThe Parish of Amity II by Reverdy Whitlock” 

Newsletter Volume 2 (published: February 2000) Inside this newsletter: “South School Restoration: A Light at the End of the Tunnel” and “Town and Community Work Together on Grave Issue” on moving Thomas Darling’s tombstone.

Newsletter Volume 1 (published: April 1999) Inside this newsletter: “Society loans John Will Pewter flagon to Yale” and “Flagpole Dedication Ceremony