Collections & Artifacts at Amity & Woodbridge Historical Society

Rare artifacts, CT

The New England Primer

1836 Massachusetts Sabbath School Society This little book, first published in Boston ca. 1688, had an outsize impact on history:…

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historical artifacts

Match Boxes

c. 1870-1890 In the 19th century Woodbridge used to have a number of industries along its waterways, among them a…

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historical artifacts in ct

Leather Top Hat & Traveling Case

ca. 1900 Young Brothers, New York Top hats for men have been worn in the West since the late 18th…

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Full Grooved Stone Ax

Dated to between 2500 years ago and the early 1600s This stone ax head was found in Woodbridge. It is…

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History of Amity CT

Doll Bed

1900-1910 This replica of a traditional rope bed was hand crafted by the grandfather of Mary Catherine Collins (1900-1983). There…

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History of New Haven CT

Bed Key & Peg

18th century The framework of virtually every bed of the 18th century and early 19th century was held together by…

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history of Woodbridge CT

American Poke Bonnet

ca. 1840-1880 Poke bonnets were in use for a long period of time, beginning in England early in the 19th…

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Agricultural Fair Trophy

1879 Stamped “Meriden B. [Brittania] Company” “700” Dwight Noyes Clark was a Cattle Broker in the Woodbridge and Bethany area…

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