Full Grooved Stone Ax

Full Grooved Stone Ax

Dated to between 2500 years ago and the early 1600s

This stone ax head was found in Woodbridge. It is a type originally made by local Indigenous people in the Archaic period, between 9000 and 2700 years before present (BP), for cutting trees.

A “full grooved” as has the groove (by which the handle was affixed) cut all the way around the head, and that indicates an early date. Although they are not uncommon in southern Connecticut, they are a rare find in the Woodbridge Flats, as over the years collectors have picked them up.

Originally this ax was much longer, as can be seen by the size of the head. However, as it dulled through use its cutting edge was flaked on both sides and then ground to form a new edge. See the drawing for an estimate of its original length.

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